MAYBE NOT is a skate-core punk band from Amsterdam playing punchy, energetic, catchy punk rock influenced heavily by 90's skate punk and 80's hardcore punk.

Coming from different countries, different backgrounds, Amsterdam brought together 4 members of MAYBE NOT to form a band with only one and single goal: to play punk rock for the world.

MAYBE NOT was formed in August 2015 when Dave and Krisztina started to jam together after a Bad Religion concert. In the beginning they played mostly cover songs by bands like Misfits, Dear Landlord etc. and Dave’s old band, The Killing Tones. Not too long after that, Tiago, who just moved to town from sunny Lisbon, joined the band by answering to the only English written ad in a studio which said “Drummer wanted”.

Original songs got into the making and the band got its name as well. After a few recording sessions the results of which have been published on Soundcloud and Spotify, two music videos ( "Wrong", "Special") and some gigs, the band was ready to bring their act to the next level.

When the idea of an additional guitar player came into discussion, the only option the band considered was Gido from Koala Ghosts, the band where Krisztina and Tiago also played at different times. Gido, the fourth member of the band joined MAYBE NOT in October 2017.

Bringing new energy to the band, with Gido on board, old songs got rearranged and new songs were born in an unstoppable manner. To summarize these years, the band is releasing their first self-recorded and self-produced album in early 2019, called "It could be worse..." . The album contains ten songs including a new version of the powerful, catchy punk-rock tune “Wrong”.

Along the years, MAYBE NOT supported touring bands like Rash Decision, The Kirkz, Voodoo Healers, Coast Down and played shows at legendary underground venues in Amsterdam: Vondelbunker, Vrankrijk, The Cave, OT301, ADM... With their dynamic range of music and solid playing, they earned the appreciation of the fellow bands as well as of their growing fanbase. MAYBE NOT at its core, tries to keep things simple and authentic, while constantly experimenting with ways to drag you along for the fastest skate-core ride of your life. No matter what.


Dave Lee
(Guitar, Vocals, Songs)

Dave is from New Zealand, punkrock was like mother's milk to him. After playing some great gigs with his previous band, The Killing Tones, life took him to Amsterdam to make an appearance as the frontman of MAYBE NOT and as a (not very) quiet rebel.

Gido Baljeu
(Guitar, Vocals, Songs)

A late but an important addition to the band is Gido, from the Netherlands. Gido's virtuous guitar playing and song writing skills changed how MAYBE NOT sounds today. Another t-shirt collector in the band, he probably has more NOFX t-shirts than any of you.

Krisztina Kovari
(Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals)

Moving from Budapest to Amsterdam (almost) by accident, music has always been on Krisztina's radar in one form or another. Playing the first punkrock songs made a long-lasting effect on her, which still lasts.

Tiago Worm Tirone
(Drums, Backing Vocals)

Portugal gave MAYBE NOT a young multi-instrumentalist, Tiago who defies his age with his sophisticated approach to music, from developing musical ideas to managing the band's recordings. If you play one note wrong, he will know about it.